Tokens are protocols that standardize the interface to represent value and status onchain. Just like how shipping containers have dramatically improved the efficacy of global trade, tokens dramatically improve the efficacy of communicating value, identity, rights, and more. Due to the tradability of tokens enabled by its surrounding marketplace infrastructure, tokens’ utility for application developers is typically overlooked. At their bests, tokens can function like a portable social graph. Tokens define the outline of the network — who’s in it and why they’re in it — and make the network data accessible to all the platforms that are token-aware.

Station’s Tokens offering provides three standards with out-of-box tools for application developers to create richer consumer experiences:

  • ERC-20: Best for representing loyalty points and in-app currencies.
  • ERC-721: Best for representing memberships and unique in-app collectibles.
  • ERC-1155: Best for representing in-app achievements and event participation.

We allow developers to easily integrate token functionalities in their applications in a few lines of code, with fully-customized logic to manage the tokens.

Sample use cases


  • Rewards program: Customers earn tokens for purchases, redeemable for discounts.
  • Gaming currency: In-game currency for buying virtual goods.
  • Education platforms: Earn points for completing courses, redeemable for advanced content.


  • Exclusive club memberships: Expressive design representing club membership.
  • Games cosmetics: Unique in-game items or characters.
  • Event passes: Special access at events.


  • Gaming achievements: Badges for reaching milestones in games.
  • Repo contribution: Badges for recognizing contribution to a Github repo.
  • Proof-of-vote: “I voted” stickers.

User story

A gaming platform that uses different tokens for in-game currency, unique items, and player achievements.

  • ERC-20: Currency for purchasing in-game items; points for signing in
  • ERC-721: Collectible items or characters
  • ERC-1155: Player achievements and rankings.

Mima is an avid gamer. In her favorite game, her character Michael, which has a smart account, uses ERC-20 tokens for regular in-game purchases. She trades ERC-721 tokens for unique game characters, adding exclusivity to his gameplay. Her gaming achievements are represented by ERC-1155 tokens, which also affect her ranking in the gaming community, allowing her to participate in exclusive tournaments.

Tokens and Accounts

Tokens and Accounts work hand-in-hand. Here are just some examples:

  • Streamlined UX: smart accounts can be programmed to interact with specific token contracts, allowing for automatic execution of functions like staking, voting, or participating in DAOs.
  • Subscriptions: Smart accounts can automate recurring token operations like subscription payments or regular transfers using ERC-20 tokens.
  • Event-driven token actions: smart accounts can react to specific events or conditions by executing predefined token transactions (e.g., selling tokens when a certain price is reached).