GroupOS API offers 3 primary tools:

  1. Tokens for attributing value in your network
  2. Accounts for accruing value in your network
  3. Keys for onboarding new-to-web3 users

Note that each API offering can be used independently from the other. For Token and Account systems, our no-code dashboard guides you to deploy your own smart contracts that you are always in control of. These smart contracts are designed to let you grant our offchain systems permission to coordinate behavior, and this permission can be revoked at any time. These contracts have no platform lock-in and are as interoperable with existing standards as possible to encourage this.

Our Token smart contracts include all common standards for fungibility (ERC-20), non-fungibility (ERC-721), and semi-fungibility (ERC-1155). Our Account smart contracts support the latest standards in gas subsidization (ERC-4337) and token-bounding (ERC-6551).