Station Labs is defining a new standard for onboarding, incentivizing, and understanding users onchain.

Our product GroupOS is a web3 toolkit to activate members, distribute rewards and measure growth. GroupOS is created with the following design goals in mind:

  • Flexibility: our infrastructure and developer tooling allows for maximal customizability in each step of the user journey. From proof-of-humanhood and KYC mechanisms to custom branding and front-end, we look to power application experiences in the background.
  • Attributability: token networks need to be user-centric (members including both people and bots!) with access to data to understand engagement and activities.
  • Modularity: our developer kit fits seamlessly into and alongside existing workflows and applications. Developers can bring their existing contracts or create new ones with us.
  • Ease-of-use: from our APIs/SDKs to our no-code dashboard, we seek beauty in simplicity and ease of use.

Onchain data have demonstrated the efficacy of campaigns such as one-time airdrops or NFT mints in driving user adoption and onchain transactions. However, these one-time campaigns are not sustainable or scalable. User engagement doesn’t stop at activation. The most valuable users are the ones that retain.

We are building and improving upon proven models of successful experiments leveraging onchain rewards for user and developer participation to make engaging and retaining these users more sustainable and scalable.

Read more about our contracts here.

No-code tools

Users can easily activate, configure, and engage with smart contract accounts, manage gas subsidization, and implement rewards programs without extensive coding knowledge.

Station’s no-code interface allows for the easy creation of new smart contract wallet accounts, activation of utilities for existing NFT collections, and implementation of rewards/engagement campaigns. For networks seeking to boost account growth, retention, and conversion, Station’s no-code platform provides an accessible and comprehensive solution. By aggregating and orchestrating off-chain and on-chain data, it surfaces crucial insights, enabling businesses to drive impactful metrics.

GroupOS for developers

GroupOS’s APIs and SDKs are designed to empower developers with tools for seamlessly integrating on-chain transactions into both on-chain and off-chain logic and events. The developer tooling is built with flexibility, ease, and security in mind, enabling a range of use cases outlined in this documentation. These include the creation of new smart contract accounts and wallets, the creation and distribution of tokens, and the tracking of network gas consumption.

Developers can filter and sort relevant API logs with the console, facilitating effective tracking and debugging. With this robust set of tools, developers can easily orchestrate on-chain events. Our goal is to meet developers where they are in the workflow without compromising the breadth of on-chain possibilities.