Membership ID are unique dynamic NFTs that evolve with your member’s identity, powered by NFT Accounts.

Create and configure Membership Passes

If you don’t have an NFT collection, learn how to create a new NFT collection here.

  1. In your Dashboard, go to Accounts tab.

  2. Click ’+ New Accounts’.

  3. Select ‘Equip Smart Accounts to NFTs’. Equip

  4. Select a network where your NFT is deployed on.

  5. Select an option that best represents your NFT collection.

    • ‘NFT Collection created on third-party platform’: Paste the contract address.
    • ‘NFT Collection created on GroupOS’: Select a collection from the dropdown.
  6. Click ‘Done’

At this stage, the Account address has been assigned to each NFT in the selected collection.

Distribute Passes

There are currently two main ways for you to distribute Cards to your members: