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@groupos/walletkit is a package for adding and utilizing smart accounts in decentralized applications (dApps). It comes with customization options that meet your needs to offer a seamless user experience — social onboarding, gas sponsorship, and batch transactions.

Unlike existing smart account packages, WalletKit lets developers retain access to the same core wagmi hooks for signing and transacting. We accomplish this by connecting all smart accounts as native account objects instead of creating a new smart account object that needs explicit calling.



  • In the Dashboard, Go to Settings > General, and copy your groupId.
  • Next go to Allowed Domains and add the domain of your app to the allowlist.

Install the package

From the root of the project that is consuming the package type the following to install the package.

npm install @groupos/walletkit wagmi@2.x

Import the component

Next, import the component and use it wherever you see fit. The component takes one prop, which is the groupId you should have copied from step 1.

import { useAccount } from "wagmi";
import { SmartAuthBox } from "@groupos/walletkit";

function Page() {
  const { address } = useAccount();

  return !address ? (
    <SmartAuthBox groupId="STATION_GROUP_ID" />
  ) : (
      /** ... */

All connected accounts, even EOAs, will get wrapped with a smart account, empowering them to support features like batch transactions and gas sponsorship. You can access this account with wagmi-native useAccount and interact with it via the same core wagmi react hooks.