WalletApps allow any dApps to bring in the best of onchain features to their users with a few clicks. A social app can add time-based staking mechanisms to increase retention. A gamefi app can add event-based reputation system to reward their top users. Wallet apps allow every app to launch new features faster to their users based on their business models and target audience.

Why WalletApps?

One of the core benefits of account abstraction is the ability for different applications to configure flexibly for a wallet’s validation, execution, and events logic. For example, using Passkey to authorize and validate transactions eliminates the need to manually sign via a seed-phrase-based EOA. Leveraging session keys allows apps to autonomously sign transactions on behalf of the user with any specified constraints.

Despite the flexibility and customizability, app developers are looking for out-of-box solutions to immediately improve their app’s usability and functionalities without a steep learning curve. In addition, building new applications surrounding wallets requires security expertise that most teams can’t afford in the earliest days of experimentation.

We look to accelerate the speed of experimentation, creativity, and time to market for the builders that are innovating on the next wave of onchain mechanisms to bring table stake features directly to users through a wallet offering.

WalletKit + WalletApps

WalletKit creates an easy way to onboard users to a smart account with familiar Web2 auth patterns like email, while Wallet Apps make it easy to push new features directly to the users you just onboarded.


  • DAO Governance Module: Execute transactions when a governance threshold is met, ensuring decisions reflect the community’s will.
  • Staking Module: Automate the staking process for surplus funds, optimizing your investment strategy.
  • Reputation Module: Acknowledge user engagement by minting non-transferable badges for milestone achievements.
  • Rewards Module: Foster loyalty through a points system that rewards consistent interaction with your platform.
  • Savings Module: Automate the process of setting aside a percentage of ETH transactions into a savings account.
  • Escrow Module: Provide an automated escrow service for transactions between parties, releasing funds only when predefined conditions are met.


  • Does Wallet Apps work with existing smart accounts?
    • Not at the moment, but we hope to work with existing smart accounts when standards such as 7579 gets solidified.
    • Aligning on a shared standard allows a vibrant 3rd party developer ecosystem to thrive to create more useful apps surrounding wallets.