Equip Smart Wallets to your NFTs in a few minutes.

Select an NFT collection

Select an NFT collection to equip Smart Wallet.

If you don’t have an NFT collection, learn how to create a new NFT collection here.

  1. In your Dashboard, go to Tokens tab.
  2. Click ’+ New Tokens’.
  3. Select ‘ERC-721’. erc721
  4. Fill in your token information and toggle ‘Enable TBA’ on. toggle

Distribute NFT Wallets

For an NFT collection created on GroupOS

For an NFT collection created on a third-party platform You can distribute wallets like how you would distribute the NFTs e.g. mint page on Zora. Every NFT will come with an Account address and will be displayed in the Accounts tab.

Distribute Tokens to Wallets

Create new Tokens or send existing Tokens to the wallets.

Programmatic distribution

Direct transfer

You can directly transfer tokens into the smart wallets.

  • In your Dashboard, go to Wallets tab.
  • Find the wallet and copy the wallet address. Directory
  • Use the wallet address as a recipient address in the wallet app of your choice.