Layer 2s and on-chain protocols aim to increase and retain user activities and transaction volume. Station’s GroupOS offers tools to meet these needs, such as dynamic gas sponsorship, incentives for high-impact actions, and easy onboarding processes. By using GroupOS, L2s and protocols can improve the user experience and generate more revenue, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem for users and networks.

Sponsor User Gas Based on Onchain Activities (gas rebates)

One of the barriers to crypto adoption has been the cost of gas fees, especially during network congestion. By dynamically adjusting gas sponsorship based on users’ onchain activities, protocols can encourage meaningful interactions without making users bear the brunt of escalating costs.

Incentivize the Most Impactful Onchain Actions

Not all onchain activities are of equal value to a network. By incentivizing actions that bring the most value, protocols can drive behavior that aligns with their strategic objectives. The definition of “impactful” can be tailored based on a protocol’s needs, ensuring the rewards align with current priorities.

Onboard Net New Users

With tools tailored for ease-of-use, GroupOS can offer newcomers a seamless initiation into the onchain world with a visual, gasless, and signature-less experience. GroupOS can be used to create interactive onboarding campaigns that educate newcomers about the protocol, enhancing their engagement right from the start.

Secure and Streamlined Governance

Onchain governance is crucial for decentralized protocols to make collective decisions. Streamlining this process ensures active community participation. By embedding governance process in the product, protocols can ensure a high degree of community involvement.

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