Our Membership NFT comes with a wallet (also known as ‘NFT-as-a-wallet’ or ‘Tokenbound Accounts’) is an expressive and dynamic NFT account. It’s powered by ERC-6551, Account Abstraction, and ERC-4337 to allow you to onboard members to your network gaslessly and continuously incentivize them with onchain rewards and evolving status.

Members with an NFT account can connect their wallet to any third-party site using Wallet Connect. You can easily customize gas subsidization policies and fund onchain operations based on the member’s reputation e.g. fund gas for all in-game transactions for all members with rank Legend and have attended at least 5 community calls.

Use cases

  • Player onchain profiles for game ecosystems
  • Member onchain identity for web3 protocols
  • Membership cards for big brands

Start creating and distributing NFT Accounts here.

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